Pressure sensitive devices

Pressure sensitive devices – more and more complex and faster operation frequences lead to higher demands of personal safety for machines and devices, the way do ensure the safety is by using pressure sensitive devices.

The fundamental obligation to take the necessary precautions are laid down in different laws. Also the pressure sensitive devices need to be produced according to specific norms. This requires partly different and partly the same safety measures for the pressure sensitive devices.

The SSZ-pressure sensitive devices are made to protect you from dangerous movements. SSZ-safety switching rails, SSZ-safety mats and SSZ-safety bumpers are all pressure sensitive devices that through the influence of some activity in cooperation with an electronic controler, produce a control command. Usually this is a stop command. Protection of dangers and dangerous areas is given in this way.

SSZ GmbH is since 1989 one of the leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive devices. All produced pressure sensitive devices are made according to customers specific demand.