Safety sensor edge

SSZ safety sensor edge consist of a hollow-chamber rubber profile with an integrated SSZ-sensor element. A in the safety sensor edge is generated in the controler by an actuating force acting on the safety sensor edge.

Selection of criterias concerning the rubber profile of the SSZ-safety sensor edge are the material specifications and the desired deformation distances.

  1. for computer controlled devices
  2. for driverless vehicles
  3. for safe guard shearing and crushing edges
  4. as stage equipment
  5. to safe guard automatic windows, doors and gates

The safety sensor edge is a pressure-sensitive safety sensor edge device use to implement the emergency stop function.
The identification and specifications of the safety sensor edge (dimensions, cable outputs, labels on the machine or of the customers) can be obtained from the serial number in the hologram. This hologram is generally located on the side of the safety sensor edge. The SSZ safety sensor edge is delivered with a ready-to-mount aluminum profile with a size and length corresponding to that of the safety sensor edge.

The cut-out for the connecting cable as well as the mounting holes, possibly drilled according to the customer’s specifications, are already present. The SSZ safety sensor edge are installed on the intended location of the machine using an aluminum C-profile. The SSZ controller for the safety sensor edge is installed in a control housing, in the control cabinet or in an installation location intended for this purpose.